On wings upon this angel
A prayer to you I send, for
Many hearts dark and broken
In need of your hands to mend.

Anguished heart sends voiceless cry
For the world a desperate plea
Open hearts to evils captive
That evil from hearts may flee.

Bound by the wicked of hatred
Destruction for evil they do
Listening to whispers of wicked
Believing all lies as truth.

Walking down a darkening road
For evil has only one end
The price for hatred is heavy
If by God is never a mend.

Burden hearts of evil so heavy
Let awaken to guilt and remorse
Leaving their path to the wicked
With open hearts to you go forth.

Let only hear your whispers
For love of God only they do
Before the day we all stand
In judgement, in front of you.

Let all hear hearts calling
Before the final day should come
That we may return again home
Where the life of all first begun.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

"Love Born"
©Bruce DeBoer
Used With Permission

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