Many days filled with sorrow
Feeling as though no on cares
Swallowed by bitter sadness
Heart filled with great despair.

Each day within your pain
Someone with you always there
Taking your pain as his own
So much for you, he cares.

Opened arms a wait for you
Rest peaceful within his arms
From within let him comfort
Stilling all fears and qualms.

Blame not for life's troubles
All having burdens to bear
Just remember you're never alone
Trust in him, he's always there.

God is always faithful
In all we feel he understands
Troubled times upon so many
Stay strong, God has a plan.

Let his love comfort always
Seek shelter within his care
By going to him each day
And all your sorrows share.

Listen to the hearts whisper
His ever quiet gentle voice
With reassurance of his love
Turning of sadness to rejoice.

Hear always his love calling
Let it guide you steadily
Your journey on this earth
He planned so thoughtfully.

Please Do Not
Use My Poems Without
Written Permission
~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Mystic Waters"
Used With Permission.

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