These Little ones in search of a brighter day
Yet many turn their backs and look the other way
So desperately needing for all to take a stand
Yet most sit in silence and so few offering a hand.

Alone in silence for their justice they cannot speak
For the many a deaf ear, little voices never reach
Not hearing their hearts cry, to be given a chance
Needing all for them to speak up and take a stance.

They're shut off from the world in so many ways
And slowly each day they slip further away
Little hearts quickly shut down and build a wall
Children fearful of rejection, they shut down to all.

Just crumbs their thrown from the Government it seems
Not enough to help them grow, and keep alive their dreams
And slowly the light from their eyes begins to fade
Becoming no longer reachable, and from all are so afraid.

Thrust into a school without caring and watchful eyes
Because of funding that is needed for them is denied
Disabled Children.. "The Forgotten" So little they receive
So many parents mislead, and by the State greatly deceived.

Placed with severely emotional, violent and out of control
Physical and emotionally abuse at their hands daily takes its toll
All because lack of funding set aside for these of special need
These children will never have the chance in life to succeed.

All children should be treated equal, with the utmost care
Without tossing aside the challenged and causing disrepair
These children will not disappear just by refusing to see
That the system is failing them, and ignoring a Mother's plea.

I will speak out for these children until the end of my days
For I have a child as this, that has been turned many times away
I am her Mother and advocate, a voice that refuses to be ignored
And will continue to fight for all children until justice is restored.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

~Created With Love~

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