Sitting all alone in darkness
Longing for just one to see
Yet no one looks past the surface
To see a child in great need.

So many whisper to one another
And look on with obvious stares
As if not to care or notice, yet
The child was so very aware.

They continued on with cruelty
Mocking gestures as they stare
The laughter rang as tears fell
And continued on without care.

This child seems so very different
Yet isn't really different at all
They to as you, their hearts bleed
With hurtful words, or names called.

As you they have a heart, tender
That can be broken easily in two
By things beyond their control
Of what they can and cannot do.

So look beyond the disabilities
Deep within the eyes you'll see
A child tender,with hearts beauty
And acceptance they utmost need.

They, so in need of friends as you
And someone with secrets to share.
Understanding shoulder to lean on,
Someone for them who truly cares.

Look deep, beyond the outside
Hear hearts for friendship cry
Don't be the one of destruction
That causes ones heart to die.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

Mark Wills
"Don't Laugh At Me"

~Created With Love~

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