Tarry on the road my dear
I'm not that far behind
Stay within the lighted path
So you I may easily find.

The tears, I will shed so many
While from me you are away
A whisper sent upon the wind,
For today he called your name.

Placing a kiss upon your lips
Is only but a brief goodbye
Soon to my dear shall follow
When I too am called on high.

Your heart forever speaks to me
As mine I pray you'll also hear
Hearts bound by love together
Distance so far, yet very near.

Reaching out to you in darkness
Resting beside me no longer found
Only the lingering scent of you
Where once you rest so sound.

Words forever in my heart echoes
So deeply etched within my soul
That calms each restless night
Until you my love, again I hold.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Soul Echoes"
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~Created With Love~

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