Today, this hour a tragedy
The world in such dismay
Faces stained with tears
For many lives lost this day.

Rays of light pierce darkness
Forever in God's hands
Embracing all to be taken
Bound to the promise land.

One by one to the heavens
Spirits from body released
Taken within the loving arms
Never again this evil to see.

Structure falls to the ground
As helpless we all look on
One by one stories crumble
But the foundation remains strong.

Bruised but not to be broken
Many have tried and never won
United this country stands
Together we stand as one.

Today we all are grieving
Evil's hatred was so displayed
Hiding within the shadows
Fearing the justice to face.

Thinking you'll not have to answer
In front of justice never stand
Yet eyes were always upon you
Taking lives with your evil hands.

You can not destroy this nation
Through flames and smoke we rise
United through God we are forever
Behold, our eagle soaring high!

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~ Kathy Loun Stilley~


~Created With Love~

©Bruce DeBoer
"Dusk and Dawn"
Used With Permission.

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