Standing amidst the garden so bare
The storm raged and wild winds blew
Swaying so weak and trembling
My heart was led to call to you.

Prune branches that I may flourish
Prune back thine branches O'Lord
That one day stands a mighty tree
Strong enough to withstand any storm.

Fierce winds shall blow time to time
Breaking away such fragile growth
Removing weak and remaining strong
Through storm stands the mighty oak.

Plant your roots deeply within faith
Cling tightly to him as you grow
There is purpose for each swift wind
Allowing us at times to be exposed.

God knows all our fears and turmoil
And cries with us through life's grief
But always know there is a purpose
For him withholding instant relief.

Knowing always what is best for us
May it be shelter, or winds from storm
Yet so aware of the winds of affliction
Stronger branches our tree will adorn.

Constantly he's leading our journey
Hand in hand as sorrows may come
Yet within the sorrows storm so brief
The stronger the branches become.

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~Kathy Loun Stilley~

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