This Tear Drop Is To Represent
The Tears Shed
And Loss Of Innocence
At The Hand Of Child Abuse.

I Have Disabled The No Right Click Code
On This Page In Hopes That Everyone Viewing
Will Show Love And Concern For All Of These
Precious Children By Placing The Tear Within Your Site.
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*God Bless You*

She stands huddled in a dark corner
Tears streaming down her little face
So frightened of their rage within
Knowing what's again to take place.

So helpless is the precious child
Enduring such pain, day after day
Trying so to hide it from all others
The home that's filled with rage.

So afraid, she keeps all the secrets
Hiding bruises beneath her clothes
Taking blame upon small shoulders
For what happens within the home.

Feeling as though not good enough
Made feel she deserves what they do
Yet her little heart continues to love
Praying one day they will love her to.

Each time a hand is laid or word is cast
Out of anger continues, and passes on
From parent to child the examples instill
Another heart grows void of compassion.

Rise above, break the ever bitter cycle
That's been passed from parent to child
Don't repeat them, nor stand in silence
And allow another child within to die.

Raise your hands only to God in love
Leave not one scar of pain and tears...
Upon the children you say you love
Teach them love, not hate and fear.

Please Do Not
Use My Poems Without
Written Permission
~Kathy Loun Stilley~

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Abuse Attorney Network Child Abuse Forum
Child Abuse Network Child Abuse Prevention
Child Help USA Child Safe-Emotional Abuse
Counceling & Mental Health Healing From Abuse
National Childrens Alliance Prevent Child Abuse America
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