I am the Mother of a Disabled Child,

which has allowed me to see many things that these children are not permitted, nor supplied all because of State Funds that are not made available for these children. This is not just in A few select Cities, it is all over the United States that these Children go without many of the necessary things such as; funding For Specialized Teachers equip to deal with their Special Needs, Along with little or no monies to adequately train the staff how to handle emergency medical situations that can occur, such as a seizure.

Special needs children are most all placed in Public School mainstream, in most cases is devastating to these children and their emotional stability, many times causing irreversible damage, due to abuse. Most schools, as all of the ones that my daughter has attended mix the classes. Handicapped children are placed in the same classes with the Severely Emotional, who are extremely violent and out of control, all to save the States money, with no regard to the childrenís safety, and fragile emotionally stability.
Also.. Personal supplies that are not permitted to be claimed on Insurance or State Disability funding such as personal hygiene items, and facilities that lack adequate accommodations to aid those who are disabled. I recently was made aware that Dental is allowed but limited, the only thing that is permitted through Medicaid are tooth extractions. Fillings, x-rays, and cleaning are all non existent. To so many children and adults this isn't a great need, because they are insurable with little or no pre-existing condition, but to children and adults that are disabled [Pre-existing condition] more than not, they are unable to get insurance coverage, and much more than most, their needs are great. In many situations it is extremely important, even life threatening if they do not receive assistance, yet it's most always is denied.

Let the Disabled be heard loudly through your voice, contact your State, and the Government with your concerns. I Beg you not to allow them to be a statistic. May God Bless you all..

Helpful Contacts and "One Childs Story" Below.

Childrens Disabilities Information Disability Support Services
The Beacon Of Knowledge Disabled Wage Support Program
Public Awareness Disabled Parents Network

I would like to share with you one child's story... "Mine".

*1st Grade* I walked her in "met her Teacher" And explained about her condition, 2 days later she was moved to another class, then another After the first week I received a call to come in for a conference with her Teacher, Principle and Guidance Staff. When I arrived the room was full of Teachers and the Principle, seems they were trying to decide who would volunteer to take my child in their class, all were afraid to be around her because of her having Epilepsy. The newest Teacher at the school said she would take her *I canít tell you how this made me feel* Right off I could sense the dislike the Teacher had for my daughter. The teacher would tell me she was lazy, hyper and impossible to control.

I went to the school to see for myself without checking in at the office, I went straight to the room, looked in the door window to see my daughter on one side of the room all by herself putting a puzzle together and looking frequently at the others playing with the teacher. The look in her eyes said everything! My daughter was being shut out by the others, and being made to feel different and unaccepted. I had many meetings with the Teacher and all she would say is she is difficult, and won't do her work. I asked in one of many meetings for her to send my daughters Un-finished work home and that I would work with her. It didn't take me but a few hours to see just how much the seizures had affected her memory and concentration. I brought my concerns to the Teacher, at which time she explained that she couldn't devote and set aside special time for my Daughter, I explained that I would work closely with her at home, and did so constantly. At the end of the school year I received a Report Card saying "Retained" Yet in all that time throughout the year, the Teacher never told me she was failing when I asked how she was doing.

*2nd Grade* I enrolled her in a Private School, She seemed so happy and excited each day about school. One thing I found out very fast, most Private Schools excel at a faster pace, and there is no middle of the road or slower pace for anyone, needless to say my daughter was getting left behind, and getting frustrated about not being able to do as all the others. Mid year, I was told about another Public School that was more equip for her needs. After my visit to the school, I felt that this was the answer we had prayed for. 3 weeks after transfer to this School, the Teacher wanted me to come to the school and be a Volunteer to be close as a just incase, because she was so afraid that she wouldn't know what to do if anything happened, and my daughter had a seizure. I quit my job and became a Volunteer at the school.

My 3rd day there while in the Library doing eyes screening, my daughters Teacher came in the room screaming "She is having a FIT! When I arrived at the door I could hear and see my Daughter's little head hitting the ceramic tile floor, she already had a busted mouth, and a large blood clot at her temple region from her head hitting the floor repeatedly. All of the children were huddled in the corners scared to death. As I tried to arouse my daughter from her seizure by "Calling her name" I asked the children if they to would help and just call her name, taking it on myself to calm them as the Teacher just stood at the doorway. Lifeless, I picked her up and took her to my car, not one offered to help, but so many looked on. I barely made it to my car with her, loosing grip of her many times, and had to stop to get a better grip. I had to lay her on the hood of my car just to unlock and open the door, as the staff just looked on. Many things happened such as this.. To many to include all of them.

*3rd Grade* "Different School* Now my daughter is so far behind and I knew that she needed special attention. I asked if the would do a physiological evaluation for better placement for her needs, yet they refused, and said I would have to pay for it "Which I did". I took results to the school just for them to refuse the results, and I was told that they would have to schedule one for her, and it would be a few months before they could do it. I have to tell you.. I was at my wits end". Once tested through the schools they agreed that she needed special placement. She was half day main stream and the other half ESE. My Daughter started to excel for a short time until the children in main stream started to be extremely cruel to her because she was now attending the "Dummy class" as they referred to it, and many more names. The transition from one to the other was to difficult for her emotionally, and she needed to be shielded from all of it. I approached the Counselors about full time ESE, and they refused.

One day at 12:10 between class changes, a main stream 5th grader ran up behind her screaming cruel names, pushed her down on the sidewalk. After my daughter was pushed and fell, she was taken to the Clinic. The Nurse at the school called and left a message on our answering machine, explaining only that she had fallen down, and just scrapped her knees. I didn't get the message until after I arrived home from work just in time to actually pick her up. I arrived at school at 2:15, the regular pick up time, and she was no where to be found. The Aid told me she was in the clinic, and she would get her for me. My Daughter came to the car still crying from the fall earlier. When she got into the car I tried to comfort her, as I patted her arm she just screamed, and refused to let me see. As we pulled out she finally agreed to let me look at her arm, at which time I seen just how bad she was injured. Both femurs in her wrist were almost piercing the skin, and I knew it was broken. I drove around, and pulled back up to the school. I flagged down the Principle that was directing traffic, and showed her my daughters arm, her reply was "It could be broke, you might want to take her to the Emergency room". I have to tell you I was hysterical to say the least, just the thought of my child suffering with a broke arm for those hours, and no one taking the time to notice. My Daughter did in fact have a broken wrist, and was placed in a cast. When she returned to school, they all of a sudden decided to place her in full time ESE, I wonder what the deciding factor was?!

Through the many years in Elementary and Junior High my Daughter had to endure Physical Abuse; being hit, pushed down, hair being pulled, stabbed many times with a pencil, her face being slammed into the walls during class transition, tripped, and gum in her hair ..The list goes on and on. I can't tell you how many times in one week I would have to go to the schools and insist Control of these children, and demand protection for my child.
I also made regular calls to the School Superintendents office for help, he would try to be the mediator between myself, and the staff members at the schools, yet most every time, I was being told that they couldn't reprimand the children for their actions because there were no Teachers that actually seen what had happened, even though my Daughter carried the physical marks of the abuse.

*High School* My Daughter had withdrawn into herself so much, depression seemed to consume her, and her thoughts were dark. Just more of the same in High School as all of the other years in school, she was greatly abused. One day in the cafeteria she was attacked by 9 main stream boys, I guess they all decided that it would be cool to bathe her in mustard. I was again called to the school to see my Daughters hair, face and shirt totally covered, sitting in the breezeway between the Dean of girls and boys office, as if on display for all to stare at. No one ["The Staff"] bothered to even offer to wipe her face, or place her in a location where she wouldn't be even more humiliated.

Weeks later, my daughter was attacked in class "ESE" By 3 Severely Emotional detached children, one grabbed her homework and ripped it into shreds, as she ran after him to get her papers, the Teacher came back into the room a scolded her for running "Not the other child for what he had done, and told her to get back into her chair. The Teacher again walked out before she made her way back to her seat, the one male student sitting behind her pulled her chair out from under her, and she fell and hit her head. The Teacher came back a few minutes later and was told what happened, "The Teacher just said to the young boy..."Don't do that again" and she walked back out of the room, at which time another student put green neon gum all over her suede coat and in her hair. When the Teacher came back, many in the class were laughing about what had happened while she was away. My Daughter said "I want to call my Mom and go home" The Teacher did allow her to phone me. When I got to the school and seen what had happened, I have to say I went right through the roof! And then I demanded to see the Dean. Of course he was to busy. I took my daughter in anyway and showed him what had happened, and that I expected reprimand. I wanted these kids Suspended for their actions. The Deans reply to me was..."I didn't see it, so I can't do anything". I didn't stop until all the boys were brought in, and 2 were suspended. There was no question that they did what my daughter had stated. My Daughter was wearing the proof, as well as a huge knot on the back of her head from the fall. The one remaining student that didn't get suspended was the boy that didn't actually touch her "The one that ripped up her homework" Yet the next day at school he made up for it, bringing super glue to school and putting it on the front of my Daughters shirt, and all in her hair. "He too that day was suspended, only because I insisted that they do a search, at which time they found "Cigarettes" not the super glue in his pocket.

After all the years at school, at my Daughters emotional expense I said..."Enough is enough" and removed her from school never to return. Over four years ago I enrolled her in a school for special needs, and was told that there was a long waiting list that goes back as far as 1998 because of Lack Of State Funding for the Children and Challenged Adults, Yet while we sit here and wait, other children benefit from my tax dollars that go toward their Education "Not My child". My Husband and I paid a staggering fee out of pocket, so my daughter could attend the much needed assistance to help her develop and grow for almost 2 years.

*Praise Report* My daughter is still attending the school/workshop, for special needs children and adults, she has excelled in every aspect of her life; self confidence, goals, positive outlook, daily living skills, learning to love herself, just the way God made her! And a little over a year ago when she truly understood, she turned her heart and life over to God, which was the most beautiful day of all!! She shines brighter in his love and glory, each and everyday.

If you know of, or have a Child or Adult in your Family such as this, I ask you to come together with me, and raise your voice for these children and Adults that can't speak out for themselves. Let the disabled be heard loudly through your voice. Contact your State and the Government with your concerns. I Beg you not to allow them to be a statistic.
May God Bless you all..
Sincerely Kathy S.

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