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Artwork has been added from various sources such as purchased image CD's, and royalty free images. Many sets are created from living artists, and Exclusive Written Permission was requested from the each artists that holds © To their work. Full credit to the artist for each design is given, along with a link back to their site. Also I have used images from clipart, personally scanned images and the creation of my own tubes as well as my own photography & digital artwork, including free and shareware fonts to create the designs. All copyright material belongs to each individual artist, photographer, font & tube creators.

Note: I do hold © to many of the artwork images found here, and I DO hold ©Copyright to the creation of the Graphic Sets themselves, my photography and digital artwork. Please DO NOT cut, resize, alter or reproduce anything within my pages unless permission has been granted. The Graphic Designs section of my site has many FREEWARE sets to choose from; calling cards, adoptions & verse cards. There is No need to request permission for use. If you are the © holder of any image within this site and proper credit has not been given, or you wish its removal, Please
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With proof of ©Copyright, I will promptly give credit or remove the contents.
God Bless You Always
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