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Tim Redfern | |
Hello, Kathy!
My name is Tim Redfern. I'm 56 yrs. old, living in a nursing home in Wise, Virginia. I have a thriving and growing ministry on Facebook. It was given to me by our Lord one year ago, and it has been booming ever since.
I saw your website address on a meme the other day, and I jotted it down to pay a visit. I'm just getting here, and decided to sign your guestbook. So, I cannot render an opinion yet, because I haven't seen anything! I will go take a look as soon as I'm done here.
It is good to see that your website is dedicated to the glory of our Lord. Nothing else matters in this life. I wish you, always, blessings, peace and love! 😇. ☮. ✝. ❤️.
2 February 2018
Nick Jones
I love your site and all the love and HTML1 that went into making it
30 October 2017
Love it!
31 March 2017
Mary Jo |
Never stop making these graphics/ designs :)
4 July 2016
Gregoru | |
Superb Site, Keep up the wonderful work. Many thanks.
You have good stuff right.
16 January 2016
Golden |
Thank you for sharing your site. I plan to return again, and again. Carolyn sent me. I enjoyed it.
20 March 2015
Rev. Bruce R.E. Shesby aka The Rev Elvis | |
Hey great job in what you're doing. I have a special love for Elvis' gospel greats. God bless you as we join in having fun building the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.
1 January 2015
nola |
I just saw you on Life Today, thank you for your story. I am so impressed how you transformed your life and are reaching out to others in the same perdiciment. Koodos to you and they people involved in this chance GOD has given you to help. Just wanted to let you know even though I have never experienced anything close to you, you are impressive. Good luck and GOD BLESS
12 November 2014
Renee |
Thank you Jesus for loving me.
9 June 2014
Michelle Pelky |
I really love your site. You have so many pretty Christian graphics and poetry. I loved reading your testimony too. God is good. He helps us through many problems. A few years ago I was involved in a serious car/bike accident (I was hit by a car from behind while riding my bike on the bike path on the side of the road. The driver took his eyes off the road the reach down to the floor and pick up something he dropped and drifted off the road and hit me)After it happened I was bed ridden for several months,fed though a tube,and breathed through a trake.
Now I breathe normally,eat normally,and I am almost back to the way I was before the accident except that I still have to use my wheel chair and my walker because my balance is still not perfect.
God is so good
13 May 2014

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